Phone Vision

Recently I delved into the dark art of computer vision.  There is a phenomenal amount information available, but it’s scattered and very little is accessible to beginners.  After thousands of searches, hundreds of websites, dozens of academic papers, and hours of banging my head against a wall, I decided to create a series of articles to consolidate my thoughts and create a starting point for new entrants to the field.

Though aimed at Windows Phone developers using Silverlight, most of these concepts are highly portable and should be applicable on a variety of platforms.  I hope you find them useful. 


19 – Opening and Closing (coming soon)

18 – Erosion and Dilation

17 – Set Operations

16 – Binary Images

15 – Median Filter

14 – Sobel Operators

13 – Sharpening Filters

12 – Smoothing Filters

11 – Intro to Spatial Filtering

10 – Histogram Equalization

09 – Contrast Stretching

08 – Intro to Histograms

07 – Grayscale

06 – RGB Color Intensities

05 – A Brief History of Color

04 – Premultiplied Alpha

03 – Encoding Color

02 – Extracting Color

01 – Acquiring the Image

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at  Stay up to date by following @azzlsoft on Twitter. Good luck.

Disclaimer: These lessons are optimized for demonstrating concepts, not for speed.  Keep in mind that most development machines scream compared to the average phone.  It should go without saying, but something that runs amazing on your dev box may not even work on the phone.  That said, it’s generally a good practice to get it working first and optimize later.


7 responses

26 04 2012

Your image processing lessons are second to none in internet. If there is any way i can donate here, please let me know. Let me say it did help me a lot in a windows phone competition.

27 04 2012

No need for a donation. I’m just glad they helped.

3 05 2012

This series is so great. I was searching and searching the internet for articles like yours, but never found something similar great like this. Please keep on going with this great series!

I would like to place one wish. You know, I’m a VB.NET and do always have the problem to translate C# to VB.NET. Is it possible that you could provide the source code in VB.NET additionally? This would be realy very helpful to me and all the other VB.NET coders out there. It is hard to find great lessons like yours, but almost harder to find corresponding sample source code in VB.NET.

Best regards,

3 05 2012

I will look into what it would take to convert the examples to VB .NET.

3 05 2012

I would like to add some image processes techniques and codes which i learned after advancing from this lessons. Can i do it in this website ?

26 04 2014
Dat Lieu

can you help me to detect edge of square in image ?

27 04 2014

Dat, what do you know about the square? Is it a certain size? Rotated? Is it a specific color?

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