Be safe.  Boozazzl.

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device app logo 99Boozazzl is a seriously fun application to estimate blood alcohol content while partaking in libations. It’s as simple to use as tipping one back. Advanced setting options have a full bodied feature that tracks the effects of drinking in real time.





  • Evaluate Blood Alcohol Concentration in real time
  • Track multiple people at the same time
  • Advanced Formula estimates BAC on alcohol volume and concentration, body weight, absorption rate, and consumption rate
  • Configurable BAC Limit
  • Fun facts and quotes with every drink
  • Time to “peak” and Time to “limit” indicators
  • Fluid and fun interface makes tracking an evening easy
  • Easy to set defaults for drink types
  • Create hypothetical scenarios by adjusting drink volumes and consumption times
  • Exit and come back to the session where you left it






Boozazzl provides a rough estimation of blood alcohol concentration (BAC).  Boozazzl uses numerous complex factors for this estimation but no calculator can be 100% accurate.  Do not depend on Boozazzl to determine your ability to drive.  Always drink responsibly and never drink and drive.


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