Color Vision

Reveal the world!

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Can’t tell if your socks match?  Wonder what it’s like to be colorblind?   Color Vision lets you do just that.  Head to work confident knowing your outfit is coordinated or simply explore life through the eyes of those whose cones have been shortchanged.  Use Color Vision to mimic colorblindness, identify colors, or adjust them to reveal the world.



  • Normal, simulated, and adjusted color modes
  • Press and hold to find color match
  • High, medium, and low quality levels
  • Double click to zoom in and out
  • Modify existing photos or take new ones on the fly
  • Save the results
  • Access through “Extras” in the Pictures hub



Reveal the world!


Color Vision uses a process called ‘daltonization’ to shift problem colors toward the blue spectrum.  To do this, we simulate a protanopic (red weak) deficiency then subtract that image from the original.  This determines the colors that need to be adjusted.

To determine the actual color when you press and hold the screen we use the ISCC-NBS color system.  ISCC-NBS consists of 267 color ‘centroids’.  We calculate the Euclidean distance from the selected color to each of the centroids.  The one with the shortest distance wins.

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28 02 2011
Color Vision 1.0 Live! «

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