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Color Vision

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Can’t tell if your socks match? Wonder what it’s like to be colorblind? Color Vision lets you do just that. Head to work confident knowing your outfit is coordinated or simply explore life through the eyes of those whose cones have been shortchanged. Use Color Vision to mimic colorblindness, identify colors, or adjust them to reveal the world.

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Rock Paper Scissors

Let the universe decide.

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Azzl folklore has it that Rock-Paper-Scissors was created centuries ago by ancient Chinese mystics to resolve a conflict with a cow.  Azzl Software has brought this timeless dispute resolution engine to your finger tips.  Now you can solve quarrels quickly and confidently using an algorithm that has withstood the test of time.

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Be safe. Boozazzl.

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Boozazzl is a seriously fun application to estimate blood alcohol content while partaking in libations. It’s as simple to use as tipping one back. Advanced setting options have a full bodied feature that tracks the effects of drinking in real time.

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Simple.  Elegant.  Powerful.

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Not just another stopwatch, Timefinity has all the features you’d expect plus a few more.  Already started the timer, but need to take a phone call?  Go ahead.  Need to see the time while you’re running?  Lock the display.  Multiple timers are also a breeze with Timefinity.  Once you’re finished, you can even email the results to yourself or a friend. 

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